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DeWalt DCS691X2 54V FlexVolt 230mm Cut-Off Saw 2 x 9.0Ah Batteries

by DeWalt
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This is the second version of the DeWalt 230mm FlexVolt concrete saw, now with a larger battery compartment which can accommodate either one of the included 9.0Ah batteries, as well as a 12.0Ah.

The amazing battery technology developed by DEWALT now allows cordless versions of tools we never previously thought possible. The DEWALT DCS691X2 Disc Cutter is another fantastic example of this as a tool requiring huge amounts of power. This saw is highly durable with features such as a sealed battery compartment, labyrinth style air intake, sealed trigger and 5-position adjustable blade guard.

The concrete saw is easy to use with designs that help the operator, like the heavy load light that shows if the motor is being overloaded and a 270 degree mid-handle allowing you to hold the saw in vertical or horizontal cutting positions. The new 230mm blades, available in metal or diamond, give a large 83mm cut-depth when the blade guard is adjusted to the best angle to take advantage of this depending on application. The handles are both ergonomically padded to add comfort and reduce vibration, allowing longer constant use of the saw.

There is a standard hose attachment near the trigger allowing you to connect a water supply to feed the two sided dust dampening system for wet cutting. With this saw, and the two blade types (diamond or metal), you can cut concrete, cast iron, rebar, steel and stainless steel, aluminium and other metals all with the reduced noise due to not having a loud petrol engine. This pack is supplied with two huge 9.0Ah XR FlexVolt batteries, which are backwards compatible with 18 Volt tools. When used with this tool they automatically switch to the high power 54 Volt 3.0 Amp-hour mode.

  • New battery compartment compatible with 15Ah battery.
  • Safer and more convenient than petrol equivalents.
  • Suitable for metal or diamond cutting discs.
  • Sealed switch and battery compartment.
  • 83mm depth of cut from the 230mm blade.
  • Ergonomically designed handles and trigger.
  • Water supply with adjuster for wet cutting.
  • Supplied with two 9.0Ah XR FlexVolt batteries and compatible 54 Volt XR battery charger.
  • Batteries compatible with any 54/18V DEWALT XR tools.

1 x DCS691X2 Cordless Brushless Cut-Off Saw Disc Cutter
2 x 9.0Ah DCB547 Flexvolt Batteries
1 x 18V/54V XR Fast Battery Charger

No blade included

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