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Makita B-57320 165x20x56T Efficut TCT Saw Blade

by Makita
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Makita TCT Saw Blade 165x20x56T Efficut B-57320

Makita TCT Saw Blades are circular tension blades that can absorb impact, yet still remain flat and true. These blades are light in weight with high grade tungsten carbide prolonging the blades life span. Efficut blades are specialized for cordless tools and cut 2.4 times more than a normal blade, per charge. They also cut 2.5 times faster. The shape also increases the efficiency of released waste. This blade is best used on Wood MDF Laminate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long lasting.
  • Efficut blades cut 2.4 times more than normal blades.
  • Efficut blades are 2.5 times faster than normal blades.
  • Suitable for cordless tools.
  • Perfect for the new Makita DSP600ZJ.

Technical Specification:

Diameter - 165mm.
Kerf Width - 1.45mm.
Bore Size - 20mm.
Tooth Count - 56.
Thickness - 1mm.
Rake - 23°
Load Speed - 9250.
Laser Slits - Yes.
Fluorine Coating - Yes.

Supplied With:

1 X TCT Saw Blade 165mm x 20mm x 56T Efficut

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