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Stanley FMHT82836-0 FatMax Knife Twinpack

by Stanley
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Stanley FMHT82836-0 FatMax Knife Twinpack

The Stanley FMHT82836-0 FatMax Knife Twin Pack is an ideal duo for a variety of DIY/professional jobs. The Twinpack contains a 0-10-778 Fixed Blade Utility Knife and a 0-10-825 Retractable Folding Knife. The 0-10-778 Fixed Blade Utility Knife has a magnetic nose that stops the blade from falling out for easier changing. Blade clamp for heavy-duty applications and a push button blade door release for quick and easy blade change. There is also an auto rise blade storage holder that presents 1 blade for changing, a hardened steel wear plate in the nose which prolongs the useful life of the knife. In addition, this blade knife has a thumb pad for comfort and the ergonomic cutting angle makes it ideal for flooring applications. The 0-10-825 Retractable Folding Knife with an ergonomic grip and rugged design. Its retractable blade offers safety and convenience. With instant blade change, it will take seconds to change the blade on this knife. Blades can be stored in the handle for safekeeping. Suitable for all job applications from carpet fitting, model making and craft design to electrical installation - the list is endless. 

0-10-778 Features:

  • Blade storage for 5 blades inside handle
  • Cartridge holds up to 5 blades
  • Comes supplied with 5 FatMax blades
  • Drop testing ensures knife still operates even if dropped
  • Ergonomic design ideal for cutting material such as carpet without scraping knuckles
  • Instant change button for fast blade changes
  • Interlock nose locking system for greater safety during cutting
  • Narrow nose ideal for more accurate cutting applications
  • Soft-touch panels for a more comfortable grip
  • Solvent resistance ensures resistance to: Gasoline, Turpentine, Lacquer, Alcohol, Thinners, Mineral Spirits

  0-10-825 Features:

  • Blade storage for convenience
  • Ergonomic, rugged design for heavy-duty use
  • Folding knife provides safe and convenient pocket storage
  • Instant blade change for speed of use
  • Retractable blade for safety and convenience
  • Soft grip handle for comfort


  • Length 0-10-778: 170mm
  • Length 0-10-825: 140mm

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