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Bosch 2608587009 SelfCut Flat Drill Bit Set with 152mm extension (7 Piece)

by Bosch
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Bosch 2608587009 Self Cut Drill Bit Set with 152mm extension (7 Piece)

The Bosch 2608587009 is a 7 piece Self Cut Speed spade bit set. These bits are designed for soft and hardwood as well as light building materials such as plasterboard. They have been manufactured from specially hardened steel with precision ground tips and cutting edges for dimensionally accurate holes. 10 x faster than standard spade drill bits.

Contains Drill Sizes:

  • 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 32, 152mm extension


  • Diameter mm: 16-18-20-22-25-32
  • Drill bit, type: Wood drill bits
  • Set dimension(s) open: 298 x 338 x 21mm
  • Drill bit, colour(s): grey and blue
  • Drill bit tip, shape(s): Precision ground tip/cutting edges
  • Weight:1kg

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