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D-65604 TCT Multi Purpose Saw Blade 210mm x 30mm 60T

by Makita
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€40.00 EUR
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€40.00 EUR
Original price
€40.00 EUR
€40.00 EUR
€40.00 EUR
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€40.00 EUR

Features of this Makita saw blade:

This Makita Blade can cut Aluminium, MDF, PVC and Laminated Chipboard.

Easy straight cutting because of the TCG teeth type which is a combination of flat and trapezoidal teeth.

This is a Tungsten Carbide Tipped. TCT


Technical Specification

Diameter : 165mm

Kerf Width: 1.85mm

Bore Size: 20mm

Tooth Count: 48

Thickness: 1.25mm

Rake: 8

Laod Speed: 9250

Laser Slits:Yes

Fluorine Coating: No

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