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DeWalt DCBP518 5.0Ah 18V XR PowerStack Battery Pack

by DeWalt
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€120.00 EUR
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€120.00 EUR
€120.00 EUR
€120.00 EUR
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€120.00 EUR

Moving on from the 1.7Ah battery, the PowerStack range now includes a 5.0 Amp-hour battery pack, to bring longer runtime as well as impressive output power to more demanding tools like circular saws, planers and blowers. Not only does this feature the increased power output (50 percent more than the DCB184), but as it is less focussed on compactness like the 1.7Ah, this allows it to give a longer runtime too. They kept the rubberised bottom of the new PowerStack range, one of the more favoured features. DeWalt are the first major tool manufacturer to use pouch-cells in their batteries, which just makes more sense than the cylindrical packs that everyone else is using. A stack of cylinders naturally has wasted space between them. The pouch cells not only use space more efficiently, but also more efficiently dissipate heat, resulting in less frequent overload cut-outs.


  • Uses stacked pouch cells instead of cylinders.
  • Much more space efficient than cylinders.
  • 5.0 Amp-hour capacity. 
  • 50 percent more powerful than DCB184.
  • Rubberised base.
  • Better heat dissipation.


1 x DEWALT DCBP518 POWERSTACK™ Slide Battery 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion

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