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DeWalt DCK2050H2T 18V XR Twinpack DCD805+DCF850 & 2 x 5.0Ah PowerStack Batteries

by DeWalt
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The first kit to contain the long awaited and much anticipated 5.0 Amp-hour PowerStack battery packs. This kit has two batteries which are special because they use the pouch cells, much like those in mobile devices like phones, laptops, drones and more. These are a huge upgrade over the ordinary XR battery packs which contain either 18650 cells or 21700 cells, both of which are cylindrical. Even when packed into the most efficient arrangement (hexagon positioning), there is still much wasted space between each of the cells.

The DCBP518 5.0Ah PowerStack battery (and previous compact version) solves this by using flat pouch cells, essentially cuboid shapes. These have no wasted space between cells, and minimal wasted space between them and the battery housing. This kit features the third generation generation impact driver and combi drill, the DCF850 and DCD805 respectively.

The impact driver has many of the same specifications as the previous generation DCF887, but with a much shorter head. This makes the tool so much more versatile, letting you get into spaces previously impossible. It has a brand new brushless DC motor which is what allows it to be as short as it is, while still retaining the maximum torque level of 205 Nm. Also squeezed into that front-to-back space is the impact mechanism that gives you 3,800 impacts per minute, or 63 impacts per second, depending on the speed mode selected.

The combi drill is much more balanced than the DCD796 that it replaces, with a shorter head, and overall more compact design. It features a more powerful motor than the second generation machine, with a maximum hard joint torque level of 90 Nm. It has an adjustable angle LED work light, letting you point the splash of light closer or further from the chuck, depending on the application.

  • Two high performance brushless DC motors.
  • Third generation 18 Volt XR powertools.
  • Much more compact than the 2nd generation.
  • Includes two 5.0Ah PowerStack batteries.
  • Tools compatible with standard 18V XR batteries.
  • Batteries compatible with all 18V XR tools.
  • Supplied in a T-Stak kit box.

1 x DCD805 18V XR Combi Drill
1 x DCF850 18V XR Impact Driver
2 x DCBP518 5.0Ah 18V XR PowerStack Battery Packs
1 x Multi-Voltage XR Battery Charger
1 x T-Stak II Kit Storage Box

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