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Makita B-09064 250x30mm 72T Circular Saw Blade

by Makita
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€50.00 EUR
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€50.00 EUR
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€50.00 EUR
€50.00 EUR
€50.00 EUR
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€50.00 EUR
'MAKBLADE' is a comprehensive range of TCT blades for circular and mitre saws, featuring:
Thin kerf for less waste and reduced motor pressure.
Precision honed tips for a sharper, longer-lasting edge.
High grade tungsten carbide with low wear rate for extended blade life.
Fully hardened and tensioned blades, which absorb impact, remaining flat and true.
This blade has a:
Diameter: 250mm
Bore: 30mm
Kerf: 2.4mm
Teeth: 72 (Fine)

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