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Makita DEAADP05 USB Charging LXT Lithium-Ion Battery Adapter

by Makita
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DECADP05 This adapter slides on top of your 14.4v & 18v Makita LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, instantly converting them into a handy, dual USB charger for your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and cordless speakers. It has a belt clip allowing you to carry an unused battery hands-free, whilst charging your usb device.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Two USB ports (A type)
  • 5V = 2.1A in both ports
  • Battery protection system
  • Integrated belt clip
  • USB rubber covers to protect ports from dust
  • Works with 14.4v & 18v LXT batteries


  • Ports: 2 (USB A type)
  • Output voltage: DC 5V
  • Output current: 2.1A each port (4.2A total)
  • Input rating: 14.4 - 18v DC, 5A max
  • Max operating temperature: 40°C
  • Weight: 0.11 kg

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