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Metabo 628064000 305 x 30mm 56T Circular Saw Blade

by Metabo
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305mm x 30mm Bore x 56 Tooth WZ Classic Circular Saw Blade

The Metabo 628064000 305mm x 30mm x 56T Circular Saw Blade is suited for a wide variety of woodwork applications. The blade helps users achieve clean cuts for cross cutting or ripping while working in both soft and hardwood. It is also highly effective when working with plywood, untreated chipboard, MDF, and composite materials. It is important that this saw blade is used with a tool that has a high performance motor, as the power consumption is high. The saw blade has 56 teeth, and dimensions of 305 x 2.4 x 30 mm. It is compatible with KS 305 M / KGS 305 M / KGT 305 M machines and is ideal for professional users or DIY enthusiasts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Very wide range of uses in woodworking
  • For very good, clean cut results for longitudinal or transverse cutting in softwood and hardwood
  • Well suited for solid and plywoods, chipboards untreated, coated or veneered, MDF, composite materials
  • High power consumption so the saw must have a high performance motor

Technical Specification:

Diameter: Ø305mm
Cutting width: 2.4mm
Bore: 30mm
Material: HW/CT
Number of teeth: 56
Tooth shape: WZ
Steel blade thickness: 1.6mm
Rake angle: 5°neg
Suitable for: KGS 305 M

Supplied With:

1 x Metabo 628064000 305mm x 30mm x 56T Circular Saw Blade

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