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Metabo LIHD BATTERY PACK 18 V - 5.5 AH (625368000)

by Metabo
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€115.00 EUR
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€115.00 EUR
€115.00 EUR
€115.00 EUR
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€115.00 EUR

Metabo 625368000 18v 5.5Ah LiHD Battery Pack

LiHD – a completely new dimension in technology. The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed componentsin the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for an extremely long time. The revolutionary LiHD high-performance cellshave a completely new electromechanical design with significantly stronger conductors, which in combination with more active material, permit a significant increase in the accessible power output, resulting in more usable energy for you.The LiHD batteries offer 67% more power, 87% longer run time and 100% longer service life.


  • 67% more power – permits completely new applications with battery powered machines
  • 87% longer run time – for even more endurance
  • 100% longer service life – makes your investment even safer
  • Makes applications possible under most demanding conditions, which had previously been reserved only for powerful mains-powered machines.
  • New definition of independence: a milestone along the path towards a cordless construction site
  • 100% compatible and fits all current and future cordless machines from Metabo


Type of battery pack: LiHD
Voltage: 18v
Battery Capacity: 5.5Ah


1 x 18v 5.5Ah LiHD Battery Pack

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