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Paslode 360XI 1x2.1Ah Lithium Framing Nailer Kit

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Paslode Framing Nailer 360XI

The 3601 Gas Framing Nailer is a comfortable, well-balanced nailer. It would be used mostly by trade professionals including carpenters, joiners, roofers,timber framers, fencers, landscapers and general builders. This nailer would be used for roof battening, truss work, timber frames, cladding, stud work, joists, flat roofing, panelling, shuttering, decking and many more applications. It boasts high performance and the ability to drive long nails into the hardest of substrates. With its weatherproof fuel cell, it ensures that the tool can run all day, every day, whatever challenge gets thrown it's way. The lithium battery is also compatible with 7 others tools. It’s powerful body, releases the magazines fast, whilst ensuring that nail jams stay a thing of the past. It has a Last Nail Lock Out system, which ensures that the tool stops firing when empty, preventing tool damamge and damage to the substrate. The Nailer grip guarantees extra comfort and convenience for your palm and fingers. Your fingers won’t feel squished, and each finger should have a comfortable hold. The whole machine ensures the utmost comfort and support whilst maintaining a professional output. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unbeatable power to weight ratio - Able to drive long nails into the hardest substrates.
  • Lighter and better-balanced tool - Guarantees all day productivity.
  • Quick release magazine – Designed to make nail jams a thing of the past.
  • New battery position - Promotes high performance and ensures your that your tool will work all day, every day.
  • Re-engineered grip - Ensures extra comfort and convenience.
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty - covering all components (conditions apply)

Technical Specification:

Power - Cordless
Product Group - Tool
Type - Framing Nailer
Power (impact force): 105j.
Operating Temperature Range: -15c - +49c.
Fixings per second: 2-3 fixings
Fixings per hour: 1,000 fixings
Magazine Capacity: 47 fixings.
Fuel Cell Capacity: 1,100 shots (-15c).

Supplied With:

1x Paslode 360XI Framing Nailer
1 x 2.1Ah Battery
1 x Charger

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