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Makita 199141-8 1.5m Guide Rail for SP6000 Saws and Guide Rail Bag

by Makita
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€115.00 EUR
€115.00 EUR
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Makita 199141-8 1.5m Guide Rail For Use with the SP6000 Saws

Makita 199141-8 1.5m guide rail to use with the SP6000 plunge saw as well as many other machines. A must have for owners of the SP6000. Increases not only accuracy but also safety, The integrated splinter guard helps prevent damage to the work piece surface reducing the amount of finishing required after cutting, if any. This guide rail can also be joined to another guide rail for additional length when paired with the correct connector.

Makita 199141-8 1.5m Guide Rail Features:

  • Interacts with the saw base and engineered to deliver smooth, dead-on straight or bevel cutting.
  • Multiple rails can be joined to one another using the P-45777 guide rail joining bar (sold separately).
  • Ideal for ripping sheet material.
  • Perfectly straight cuts.
  • Splinter guard for splinter free sawing.
  • Anti-slip strip to reduce accidental movement on the work-piece.

199141-8 1.5m Guide Rail Specifications:

  • Length: 1500mm
  • Weight: 3 Kg


  • 1x 1.5m Guide Rail
  • 1x E-05664 Guide Rail Bag

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